We played some Enter Shikari through Audioforge Lab's Equalizer app, and the sound quality blew us away.


With a decent pair of head phones and this app you will hear what music is suppose to sound like...Crisp, dynamic, and open. Thanks guys for last update great got greater!!


I tried a lot of EQ's and this is by far the cleanest one I've used. Also has preamp protection for my speakers, I haven't found that in any other EQ, plus awesome support!!!



  • Easy to use, powerful equalizer
  • Play your iPod library
  • Total playlist control
  • Coverflow
  • Best background performance
  • Manual is being updated

Music Player with the most powerful and acurate equalizer in the app store as well as the most advanced playlist controls.
+ Play music directly from your iPod library including podcasts and music video (audio only)
+ Adjust the powerful parametric equalizer by moving the seven control points or type in the values directly.
+ Adjust the EQ curve for your left and right ear separately.
+ Select from over 10 presets or save your own. You can even share them via email and import presets from other people via email.
+ Full background support including remote control (from docks, headsets, car stereos)
+ Visualize the music with the spectrum analyzer.
+ Use AirPlay to listen on your AppleTV, or your Bluetooth headsets and even a dock.
+ Move the transport bar to wherever you want to be in the song (scrub)
+ Display large album art and swipe left or right on it to play the next or previous song
+ Shuffle your playlist or just modify the order song by song, on the fly while you listen to it.
+ Use the pre-amp slider to adjust the overall boost or cut. Make sure to turn the slider down if you experience distortion. Use the auto-normalizer function to prevent clipping automatically and have the best dynamic range possible with your eq curve.

iOS5 and higher is required for remote control and home screen art

I know a lot of you would like to use Equalizer with Pandora, Rdio or Tune in, etc. The problem is that none of these internet streams allow me to do that in Equalizer. I need very specific access to their audio stream and none of them are willing to give it to me. If you really want an equalizer for your radio stream, please contact your internet radio and tell them I am willing to work with them! I tried myself but have been ignored.

DRM music will not play on Equalizer. So if you have problems with playing certain songs, please contact us at our web site.

Equalizer is not providing the functionality for rendering your eq curve to the song. However, a new and forthcoming app will be available very soon. if you own Equalizer, it will be free of charge.